T-1 Changelog


June 3. 2021
  • When an external MIDI/Analog clock signal is lost, the T-1 will stop.

  • Fixed issue when using external clock causing T-1 to freeze and output random MIDI data.

  • Fixed issue with start/stop not working properly when using external clock.

  • Fixed issue with first note not being triggered when using external clock.

  • Fixed issue when updating firmware on a computer with an user account name containing spaces.

  • Fixed issue with restoring banks from Config on some devices.


May 26. 2021
  • Timing is now added to the T-1. This feature adds microtiming to your tracks. The beat grid can be stretched in both directions with 3 different subdivisions of the main division.

  • Improved clock engine (better external sync MIDI/Analog).

  • T-1 Config loads faster.

  • Clock (MIDI/Sync out) is only sent when playing.

  • Removed confirmation when saving banks. Banks are now saved immediately when releasing the button corresponding to the bank that should be saved.

  • Sync in RST now starts the T-1.

  • When selecting the user scale, the scale is chosen upon releasing the user scale button.

  • Support tools added to T-1 Config for performing reset, backup and update of T-1

  • Pattern queued while pressing stop is now selected immediately.

  • Only banks which contain patterns can be cleared with the [ CLEAR ] button.

  • Fixed issue with ( DELAY ) not working properly after stopping.

  • Fixed issue with tempo not being loaded properly from banks.

  • Fixed issue with repeats not being reset after stopping.

  • Fixed issue with memory leak in T-1 Config.


May 5. 2021
OBS! Requires T-1 config v1.0.2
Make sure to download and install T-1 config v1.0.2 before updating the firmware.
  • [ PLAY ] button now sends start/stop messages through MIDI and Ableton Link. [ CTRL ] + [ PLAY ] can be used to start/stop T-1 without sending start/stop messages to other devices.

  • Retune CV outputs to C instead of A. C3 = 1.0 V

  • Fixed crash with MIDI sync USB/TRS as slave.

  • Fixed issue with user scales not being saved.

  • Fixed PPQN setting for clock input/output.

  • Fixed issue with cycles are not being looped correctly with ( LENGTH ).

  • Fixed bug in the TRS MIDI input implementation, which caused the MIDI input to be malfunctional on some units.

  • Fixed issue with PPQN settings in T-1 Config not being saved to the T-1.

  • Fixed issue with sysex messages sent from T-1 causing issues with some USB-MIDI hosts. T-1 now only sends sysex messages when T-1 Config is open.

  • Fixed issue with sysex messages sent to T-1 meant for other devices causing the T-1 to crash.


April 19. 2021
Release distributed with second batch (not available as user update)
  • Program change out is disabled by default.


march 12. 2021
Initial release distributed with first batch.