T-1 Changelog


May 5. 2021
OBS! Requires T-1 config v1.0.2
Make sure to download and install T-1 config v1.0.2 before updating the firmware.
  • [ PLAY ] button now sends start/stop messages through MIDI and Ableton Link. [ CTRL ] + [ PLAY ] can be used to start/stop T-1 without sending start/stop messages to other devices.

  • Retune CV outputs to C instead of A. C3 = 1.0 V

  • Fixed crash with MIDI sync USB/TRS as slave

  • Fixed issue with user scales not being saved

  • Fixed PPQN setting for clock input/output

  • Fixed issue with cycles are not being looped correctly with ( LENGTH )


April 19. 2021
Release distributed with second batch (not available as user update)
  • Program change out is disabled by default


march 12. 2021
Initial release distributed with first batch